Sehyun Kwon

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Hello! I am a Ph.D student in the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence at Seoul National University advised by Ernest K. Ryu. My current research interests are Vision Language Models and Large Language Models.

I am currently doing an AI research internship at NAVER AI Lab. Prior, I did a deep learning research internship at KRAFTON where I closely worked with Kangwook Lee and Dimitris Papailiopoulos.

Also, I recieved M.S. degree in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Seoul National University and B.S. degree in the Department of Mathematics Education at Dankook University.


Jun 03, 2024 I am starting research internship at NAVER AI Lab!
May 07, 2024 I will attend ICLR and present one paper. See you in Vienna!
Mar 02, 2024 I will serve as an teaching assistant on Generative AI and Foundation Models.
Jan 31, 2024 Research internship at KRAFTON has finished.
Jan 15, 2024 Our paper IC|TC is accepted at ICLR’24.

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selected publications

  1. Image Clustering Conditioned on Text Criteria
    Sehyun Kwon, Jaeseung Park , Minkyu Kim , Jaewoong ChoErnest K. Ryu, and Kangwook Lee
    International Conference on Learning Representations, 2024
  2. Rotation and Translation Invariant Representation Learning with Implicit Neural Representations
    Sehyun KwonJoo Young Choi, and Ernest K. Ryu
    International Conference on Machine Learning, 2023